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Student and Family Support Services

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Strong school and family partnerships are integral to the academic, social, and emotional well-being of our students. We welcome our parents, guardians, and families to be involved with their child's schools as volunteers, advocates, and partners in education. There are many ways for parents and families to be engaged in a child's learning experience:

  • Join the school Parent/Teacher Association and attend meetings regularly;
  • Participate in parent/teacher conferences to learn about your child's academic progress and how you can support learning at home;
  • Attend school events when your schedule allows; 
  • Volunteer in your child's classroom as a tutor or as a helper for your child's teacher; or
  • Ask your child's teachers or school leaders how you can be helpful in the school community!

To learn more about parent and family engagement, contact LaTina Busby at 918-746-6372 or


Tips for Parent/Teacher Conferences

Parent/teacher conferences are held twice a year at each school site. These conferences provide one-on-one time between parents and teachers to discuss their child's academic, behavioral, and social progress in school. Conferences are a time to air concerns from parents or teachers and to formulate a plan to help the student improve or continue to succeed. 

Before the conference:

  • Talk to your child how they feel about school.
  • Ask your child if there is anything that they want you to talk about with the teacher.
  • Write down any questions you may have.

Some questions to ask at the conference:

  • Does my child participate in class?
  • Does my child seem happy at school?
  • What are my child’s strongest and weakest subjects?
  • How does my child get along with other students?
  • What can I do at home to help?


Tulsa Public Schools hosts student opportunity fairs for high school students and their families to:

Check back for 2018-19 dates.

Community Resources and Supports

Local food pantries

Tulsa OK Food Pantries helps find local pantries, soup kitchens, food shelves, food banks and other food help.

Parenting workshops

Oklahoma's University for Parents (OK-UP) educates and assists families as they strengthen parent-child relationships and build positive parenting skills. During the workshop a light meal and childcare is available. OSU-Tulsa partners with Tulsa Public Schools, Catholic Charities, Teach Not Punish (TNP) and Greenwood Cultural Center to provide these workshops.

Visit Oklahoma's University for Parents to view and register for upcoming workshops.

Career training opportunities

CareerAdvance® provides free career training program that offers coaching, education, training and job opportunities for families with young children.

  • Train for high-demand healthcare careers
  • No cost for tuition, books or childcare
  • Most certificates earned in 18 weeks or fewer
  • Career coaching and connections to local employers

Learn more and register to attend a session at CAP Tulsa - CareerAdvance or 918-900-2551.


What do I do if I have a disagreement with my child's school?

It is important that your child's teachers and school leaders have an opportunity to hear your concerns and help come to a resolution, so your first step to is set up a meeting with the teacher or principal. Remember that there are two sides to every story so try to assume best intentions in your discussion of the concerns. If - after speaking to the teacher and principal - you feel that the concern is not resolved, contact the student and parent advocacy office at 918-746-6457.

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