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Student and Family Guide to Success

Our student and family guide to success provides guidance for how school teams may respond to student behavioral issues. Our goal is to support our students in learning how to navigate challenging situations and make smart and productive decisions about how they respond so that they are prepared to be successful in college, careers, and life.

Student and Family Guide to Success

Student and Family Guide to Success
(Behavior Response Plan included)

Guía Familiar para el Éxito del Estudiante

Examples in action:

Incident A: Two elementary students were fighting on the playground. The teachers on duty broke up the fight and brought both students into the principal's office.

Resolution A: The principal reviewed the situation, heard from both students and allowed the student’s to explain how they should have handled the situation differently. Both received 3 days suspensions. In addition, students were asked how their actions affect other students feeling safe at school and ways they can resolve this situation in the future. Students apologized to classmates and teachers. School put systems and a plan in place for students to talk to adults for help.

Incident B: Several students were in the hallway and late for class. The school leader told students to get to class. Students began to go to class while one student refused to go and argued with the school leader. The school leader told the student they would have to go to Traice Satellite now that they have not gone to class and then the student refused to go there and cursed at the school leader.

Resolution B: School leader contacted student’s family for a conference. Student was assigned TRAICE Satellite for a longer period of time. Student’s family agreed to shadow student at school for a few days after the incident to build relationship between school and home.

Incident C: The class was sitting in their seats when a student came in late. The student walked in and threw food at another student laughing. The food hit another student in the room who got up embarrassed and both students began to argue and disrupt the class.

Resolution C: Both students were sent to the Dean. Students families were contacted and success plan was written for the student throwing food. Staff implemented a plan for student to be observed during breakfast (not bringing food out of cafeteria) and student agreed to plan as well as cleaning up the classroom after the incident. the student also apologized to the class and other student

At TPS we believe in the power of restorative practices and interventions. On our journey to Destination Excellence, students, teachers and leaders will foster safe, supportive and joyful learning environments that emphasize acceptance and inclusion for all students. There are profound benefits for a school community when we seek alternative options to suspensions. TPS school leaders are working on ways to devise an approach that ensures accountability, reflection and reconciliation while attempting to keep students in our educational environment.


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See. Hear. Share.  Call 918-480-SAFE or share with a trusted adult.


You can help keep your school community safe. If you see or hear something concerning, call 918-480-SAFE (7233) or share with a trusted adult.


Student Success Plan


The Student Success Plan is a way to help students make to plan to meet their goals to succeed at school and in life.  Teachers, counselors, and family work with the student to set academic and behavioral goals and ways in which to achieve them.


Principals on student success...

“Our goal is to help students’ de-escalate and meet their needs.”

Principal, Tasha Johnson

“We implemented the buddy-teacher model to support students.”, “Our staff bought into the fact that students’ didn’t want to mess up or be disruptive, they need to be coached on coping skills.”

Principal, Tracy Thompson

“We try to curb discipline incidents by implementing common class procedures and consequences. The best defense, in this case, is a planned, strategic offense. We also track student behavior issues and have a tiered discipline structure that includes lunch detention, conferences, and TRAICE. Also, we implemented a “Suspension Reentry Conference” with the student, parents, and support staff from the school where students complete a success plan upon suspension.”

Principal, Dr. Jody Parsons