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Attend to Win

Every day counts on your path to graduation

Attend to Win! is Tulsa Public Schools’ comprehensive citywide effort to combat chronic absenteeism and drive home the importance of showing up for school each and every day. Together with the City of Tulsa, we are partnering with families and many community partners to get students to school every day! Attendance is a leading indicator of student outcomes, and we know that in order to set our students up for success, they must Attend to Win!

FamilY Attendance Supports

Families, we need you to partner with us for your student’s success. Please help us get your student to school each day and communicate with their school when they are unable to attend. 

Are you experiencing attendance challenges like transportation issues or access to resources? Contact your school or the Parent Resource Center for information on how we can help! If your family is facing housing insecurity, click here for assistance

Health-related absences can often be avoided. Unsure whether to send your child to school? Check out our health guidance here.

View Policy 2204: Student Attendance regarding truancy and how many absences is too many.

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Community Action Partnership

Why attendance matters to the Tulsa community:

  1. Students who live in communities with high levels of poverty are 4x more likely to be chronically absent than others, often for reasons beyond their control.
  2. Regular attendance has a direct impact on outcomes for students, including sense of belonging, social development, reading proficiency, test scores, and graduation rates. 
  3. Students who are chronically absent are more likely to suffer academically and socially and are more likely to drop out. 
  4. Well-prepared graduates have more stable career choices and better economic prospects than their peers who dropped out, and they contribute to a flourishing local economy.
  5. When students are in school, they are less likely to be involved in crime or risky behaviors, creating a safer and healthier Tulsa community.

To improve attendance, we need the community's help with the "Big Four":

1. Transportation
2. Physical and Mental Health
3. Safety
4. Housing Insecurity



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