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Distance Learning 2020-2021


This spring, families will have the opportunity to change their student’s learning mode.

If parents wish to switch:

  • From In-Person to Distance
    • Complete Commitment Form by: Midnight
    • To make the switch by: The following day
    • Tracks for this are updated Nightly at midnight
    • Student will be expected to attend class: via Distance the day after the form is completed
  • From Distance to In-Person
    • Complete Commitment Form by: Wednesday at midnight
    • To make the switch by: The following week
    • Tracks for this are updated Friday afternoon
    • Student will be expected to attend class: In Person the Monday after the form is completed, as long as the form is completed by Wednesday at midnight

You can change your child’s learning mode by logging into SmartChoice, the parent enrollment portal, at and updating your Commitment Form.







What to expect if your child remains in distance learning

  • Students who remain in distance learning will continue to use their Chromebooks and Canvas as their primary learning resources.
  • Students’ attendance will remain the same for quarter two - visit for more information.
  • Students will have contact with their assigned teachers - this will be limited to a few touchpoints a week. School teams will plan these touchpoints to check in with students on their progress, maintain student/teacher relationships, and teach mini-lessons.
  • Students will work with a combination of recorded videos and activities.
  • Students in distance learning will still be able to pick up breakfast and lunch meals free of charge.

If you want to keep your child in distance learning, log onto SmartChoice at and use the “Semester Two Commitment” form to select the distance learning mode. Instructional videos on how to complete the form can be found here.



Help with canvas, zoom, and clever badge

Tech Support

Tulsa Public Schools is providing each student with a Chromebook in order to successfully engage in distance learning.

If your child's district-issued device is broken, you can exchange your device Monday through Thursday from 2pm-6pm at the Enrollment Center east dock. 

While this service is housed in the Enrollment Center building, the staff at the Enrollment Center CANNOT support families with technology needs. They will be unable to answer any technology related questions. Please call 918-833-TECH between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. Monday-Thursday for tech help.

Please note: Elementary students who remain in distance learning will return their broken devices to their schools to receive replacement devices. TVA students will continue to get their devices repaired at the Enrollment Center.

Grading and Attendance

Click here for graphic.

While our schools are in distance learning, attendance will be based on students logging into Canvas and doing their assignments. Attendance will be taken weekly using assignments completed between Monday morning and Sunday night.

  • Elementary students will need to complete a minimum of one assignment per half day of school to be counted present (10 assignments per week in a week with no holidays); and
  • Secondary students will need to complete a minimum of one assignment per day per course to be counted present (5 assignments per week per course in a week with no holidays).

If students complete the required number of assignments for attendance for their grade level (10 per week for elementary, 5 per course per week for secondary), they will be marked as present for the week. If students complete part of their number of required assignments for attendance, they will be marked present for part of the week.

All assignments will be tracked and recorded in Canvas. Students must mark assignments in Canvas as completed.

Examples of Partial Attendance:

  • Elementary: a student who completes 5 assignments by Sunday night would be marked present for 2.5 days of school.
  • Secondary: a student who completes 4 assignments in a course by Sunday night would get credit for 4 days of attending that course.

We hope that every student can participate in “live” classes during distance learning, but we know that our families need flexibility. Students can watch recorded "live" lessons and work on assignments in the evenings and on the weekends.

Excused Absences

The excused absence policy has not changed: parents or guardians must provide written or verbal explanation to the school.

Student Grades

Tulsa Public Schools will return to regular grading in the 2020-2021 school year. Parents can use PowerSchool at to view their child’s grades.

Support for Families

Tulsa Public Schools and our community partners committed to providing a wide variety of supports to families. For information about wellness resources, click here. For meal site locations, click here. Additional support information will be added here as soon as it becomes available.