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Student Experience

example of A Day in the Life of a Student in distance learning




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Student Success Checklist

In order for students to be successful in distance learning students need to

  • Have access to a Chromebook and the internet. To help us determine technology needs, parents should fill out a back-to-school form for every child. If you need help filling out this form, please call either your school or the Enrollment Center (918-746-7598). 
  • have access to a comfortable and quiet space to learn and study
  • dedicate appropriate daily time to learning and participate actively in online learning activities
  • submit all assignments by due dates established by their teachers


Adult support for students

Students can expect to lean on adults for a wide range of supports:

  • Teachers will lead grade-level-appropriate instruction, develop and grade assignments and be available to their students for individualized guidance
  • Counselors will support students in building an appropriate schedule and be available for both academic guidance and social-emotional support
  • Coaches will ensure that student-athletes can engage in OSSAA athletics safely
  • Principals will be available to provide further information to any family who needs it
  • Students will continue to be able to receive individualized supports (e.g. Indian Education, Gifted & Talented Education, Exceptional Student Services, English Language Development)


Exceptional Student Support

We believe that:

  • Providing special education and related services in any setting is essential to improving outcomes for our children.
  • Continued support and services are critical to the ongoing development of our most vulnerable population of students.
  • Our exceptional students need a very intentional plan on how to address potential learning loss and acceleration needs due to traditional school abruptly ending in the Spring.
  • Providing the support and services, given the parental choices for learning environment and the current status of COVID concerns within our community, is critical to the safety and security of parents and family members.
  • Investing in professional learning and flexible instructional tools to assist teachers in achieving high levels of student engagement regardless of the teaching environment.

Access, resources and supports will be considered as IEP teams review plans for individual students including:

  • Student’s access to technology
  • Student’s access to academic skills necessary to engage with instructional materials
  • Student’s access to executive skills necessary to participate in distance learning
  • Student’s cognitive needs that may impact access to distance learning
  • Student’s access to communication to support engaging with virtual curriculum (e.g. verbal/written communication skills)
  • Student’s behavior and social/emotional supports required to access virtual curriculum.

Our Exceptional Student Services team will work with the family to ensure that the student’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP) is developed in a way that reflects the appropriate modifications and/or accommodations in order to meet the requirement for a Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE). The development of services designed at Tulsa Virtual Academy will be on a student by student basis as determined appropriate by the student’s IEP Team.

Level One Services

  • Services include monitoring, Collaboration, and/or Co-Teaching
  • Utilize the general education curriculum
  • General education teacher is considered the Teacher of Record
  • For Monitoring or Collaboration, the Special education teacher will regularly check in with parent, student, teacher via conference call or through technology platform to document progress of individual IEP goals.

Level Two Services

  • Services include Direct Instruction in addition to all Level One Services.
  • Utilize the general education curriculum
  • For Co-Teaching, virtual services are provided by both the general education teacher and the special education teacher
  • For Direct Instruction, virtual services are provided by the special education teacher
  • For both level 1 & 2 Services, modifications and accommodations are critical to student success.

Level Three Services

  • Students will have the option to be supported in person at least four days per week.
  • Services are provided by the special education teacher in a small group or 1:1 fora reduced number of minutes through Zoom.
  • Paper packets with activities will be distributed for students who are not able to engage with technology.

Level Four Services

  • Students will have the option to be supported in person at least four days per week in these programs.
  • Students will engage with general education curriculum as well as specially designed curriculum to address social emotional and adaptive needs.
  • Regular check-ins will occur to monitor student progress with assigned tasks
All students who are eligible will receive appropriate related services that meet their individual needs.