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Parent Resource Center

Our Parent Resource Center exists to provide services and support to North Tulsa families. We are located in the Alcott Building at 525 E. 46th St. N., and we are open Monday-Friday from 9am-4pm.

Our services include:

  • Computer labs for parents and families;
  • Financial counseling services;
  • Resource referrals for mental health and addiction treatment; and
  • Help with diapers, formula, food, and clothing for families with children ages three and under and individuals who are pregnant.

services available at the parent resource center (525 E. 46th St. N.)

Walk-in Services

Emergency Infant Services

  • Provides items such as formula, diapers, food, clothing, and more to families with children ages three and under and individuals who are pregnant.
  • Available at Parent Resource Center on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 12-4 p.m.

Appointment-only Services

Student enrollment support

  • Contact 918-746-9665 or 918-746-9676 to schedule an appointment.

Computer lab for parents and families

  • Contact 918-746-9665 or 918-746-9676 to schedule an appointment.

Financial counseling

  • Click here to make an appointment for financial counseling
  • Click here for more information about financial counseling 

Mental health and addiction services

  • Appointments are available on in person or virtually by calling 918-409-9453
  • Appointment days are Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Support for families of children with disabilities

  • Appointments are available on the following days:
    • Every second Tuesday of the month between 9am and 12pm
    • Every third Thursday of the month between 1pm and 4pm
    • To sign up, click here or call 918-746-9665 or 918-746-9676
  • Parent Training Sessions

Services Coming soon

  • English-language classes for parents and families
  • Support services for job-seekers
  • Programs and services to support families during pregnancy, birth, and early childhood through eight years old

Parent Resource Center Updates

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Contact Us

Marla Mayberry
Program Manager

Lushuna Blalock Humphrey
Parent Engagement Specialist

Computer Lab Appointments


North Star
(formerly Alcott Building)
525 E. 46th St. N, Tulsa, OK




*Click here to let Family and Children's Services and the Parent Resource Center know how they can help your family.

**We are working closely with these organizations and will offer their services at the Parent Resource Center soon.

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