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Student and School Safety

Contact Us

Call 918-480-SAFE (7233) or email to report a student or school safety concern.


Is someone in immediate danger?
Call 9-1-1

See. Hear. Share.  Call 918-480-SAFE or share with a trusted adult.


You can help keep your school community safe. If you see or hear something concerning, call 918-480-SAFE, text 480SAFE, email, or share it with a trusted adult. Our See.Hear.Share hotline is staffed around the clock



We urge parents and families to talk with their children about the importance of good digital citizenship and the severity of the potential consequences for bad decisions made online.

Students who make threats to schools on social media are subject to serious and potentially life-altering consequences. Regardless of the original intention of a social media post - whether it was a joke or an expression of frustration – students can face long term suspension, arrest, and criminal charges. 

Inclement Weather

Ensuring that students are able to get to school on time every day means they need to be able to travel between home and school.

We use three guiding principles to make decisions about postponing or closing school for inclement weather.

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Keeping students safe during athletic events

We are excited to cheer on our student athletes while making sure that our students, spectators, and staff members stay safe. 

As you know, we have had safety requirements in place for all of our athletic events for many years. We expect that all of our students and game attendees adhere to these requirements:

  • Alcohol, tobacco, firearms and other weapons are prohibited on school property.
  • Backpacks are not allowed, and large bags are subject to search.
  • Students and fans may be subject to wanding at all games.
  • Student attendees must be currently enrolled at the school whose team is playing:
    • High school students must have their student ID to attend games;
    • Middle school students (and younger) must be accompanied by a parent or guardian when attending high school games and middle school games;
    • Any student wishing to attend a game in which their school is not playing must be accompanied by their parent or guardian and must pay the adult ticket price.
  • Attendees who leave the game early must purchase a ticket to re-enter and will not be allowed to re-enter after the third quarter begins.
  • There is no loitering in the stadium, gym, or parking areas; attendees should be in their seats during the event.

Students attending athletic events must be picked up by a parent or guardian no later than 15 minutes after the game is over. Students who are not picked up within 15 minutes may not be permitted to attend future games or events. We will make announcements during the 4th quarter of each game and during the last five minutes of the game letting students know to contact their parents or guardians to be picked up. Please be sure that you are watching for this call if your student is attending an athletic event.  

Keeping our community safe is a responsibility we share, and the Tulsa Public Schools safety hotline is staffed around the clock. If you see or hear anything that makes you feel concerned about safety, you can make a confidential and anonymous report by calling 918-480-SAFE or texting 918480SAFE.

There is nothing more important than keeping our students, teachers, and school communities safe, secure, and focused on teaching and learning. Tulsa Public Schools teams, including Emergency Management, Campus Police, Facilities, and Information Technology, are always working to keep students and staff safe. We also work closely with the Tulsa Health Department, Tulsa Fire Department, and Tulsa Police Department. Our school safety strategies include:

  • Exterior doors at schools are locked at all times. Most schools also have two-layer secured front entrances;
  • Visitors are only allowed to enter through the main school entrance and must identify themselves and the purpose of their visit;
  • Interior and exterior cameras at all schools;
  • All Tulsa Public Schools employees are required to wear ID badges. At many of our high schools, student IDs are also required;
  • Schools complete fire, tornado, and intruder/lockdown drills multiple times a year and practice other safety procedures on a regular basis;
  • A Campus Police school security officer at each high school and patrolling school safety officers throughout our district;
  • Dispatch team for Campus Police that is available 24/7; and
  • Annual safety training available to all Tulsa Public Schools employees

Each school’s emergency management plan is reviewed and revised annually and after each emergency. Board policy requires our schools to have emergency plans for many different types of emergencies. Below, you will find answers to some of the questions that parents frequently ask during and after a crisis.


Safety at Athletic Events

Information about COVID-19 safety is below. Information about general health and wellness is available here.

COVID-19 Response

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