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What are the categories of lock-downs and intruder alerts?
  • Intruder alert: there is an active threat inside the school. It may or may not involve a weapon.
  • Lock-down (full): there is a direct threat to the school or to students or faculty outside the school.
  • Modified lock-down: there is an indirect threat in the vicinity of the school (e.g., reports of gunshots in area, or a police pursuit that is nearby or may be headed in the direction of the school). Modified lock-downs are by far the most common occurrence.
Who determines when a school goes on lock-down?

Any administrative personnel or law enforcement officer can put a school on intruder alert or lock-down if they believe there is a threat.

What area is affected by the lock-down?

The area of a lockdown is determined by the type of incident and its severity. The Tulsa Police Department or Campus Police will determine the possible area of threat and designate the area accordingly.

What are the immediate actions for each category taken by the school?

Modified lock-down: All students are brought inside, all exterior doors are locked and no one is allowed in or out of the building except at the discretion of law enforcement or the principal. Officers may be deployed to the site as a precaution.

Lock-down: All students are brought inside, all exterior doors are locked, no one is allowed in or out and all students in the building are moved away from windows or where they might be visible from the outside. Campus Police officers will be deployed to the school.

Intruder alert: Teachers may exercise several options to protect their students; these options are outlined in the Safe School Plan and in the Classroom Emergency Handbooks. Officers will take active response measures under standard law enforcement protocols.

Are parents notified when a lock-down or intruder alert is called?

Parent notifications are made at the discretion of the principal and will be made as soon as possible through the school's social media sites, email, phone call, and/or text message. However, in most cases, a notification may not be made immediately during the event as school teams are focused on keeping children actively protected.

Please do not come to the school to pick your child up during a lock-down or intruder alert. We understand that you want to check on your child's safety, but coming to the school during a critical incident may interfere with our ability to respond to the threat and keep our campus secure.

Many lock-downs, especially modified lock-downs (the most common kind), may be over in minutes. The police may move out of the neighborhood or quickly determine there is no threat.