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Elementary School

Middle School

High School

Residential and Contract Sites

Residential and contract facilities provide services to students to enable them to continue their academic work while receiving necessary medical/therapeutic care. 


Short term non-profit hospital providing crisis stabilization and assessment for student in danger of harming themselves or others. Also serves students suffering from depression, mood disorders, psychotic disorders, trauma, and behavioral problems.

The CALM Center

Provides short term support for students and families in an emotional, behavioral or substance abuse crisis.  Serves students ages 10-17 in need of immediate stabilization. The Calm Center provides counseling and training in life skills and behavior management.

Tulsa County Juvenile Detention Home

Temporary facility for youth. Students are involved in skill building programs and core educational classes.

Street School

Focused on dropout prevention, intervention and recovery, this program offers students the opportunity to learn through real life experiences. The curriculum combines a research based academic approach with individual and group therapy as well as counseling for students and families.

Phoenix Rising

Serving students in grades 9-12, this program operates in partnership with the Tulsa County Juvenile Justice Center. Emphasis is placed on students’ interests and strengths, leadership skills, goal setting and workforce development. 

David L. Moss

Short to long term facility funded and operated by the Tulsa County Jail system. The facility provides basic core educational classes and special education services.