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Strong Tomorrows


The Strong Tomorrows program provides guidance, support, and information for expectant and parenting students at Tulsa Public Schools. Our program incorporates a dual-generational approach by providing case management services and partnering with high-quality childcare programs like Educare and Community Action Project to support parenting students in staying on track to graduate.

Students in the Strong Tomorrow program learn to juggle the many tasks associated with being a parent while working to finish high school.  The program also provides information and guidance on prenatal care, parenting tips, financial guidance, and healthy family relationships.

Services and Supports for participants

young parents with their small child smile

Strong Tomorrows services and supports include:

  • Basic case management
  • High school graduation, college/career planning
  • Parent engagement workshops
  • High-quality childcare
  • Referrals for medical and health needs

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Contact Us

Reach out to Dr. Chrystal Lewis at to get more information about Strong Tomorrows.

young father cradling newborn baby

Strong Tomorrows strives to:

  • Improve attendance and graduation rates;
  • Improve/maintain the health of students and their child;
  • Prevent subsequent pregnancies;
  • Increase child enrollment in high-quality early learning centers;
  • Prepare students for higher education or the workforce;
  • Support students by providing early education opportunities to their children; and
  • Improve parent and family engagement.