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(Inscribir/Transferir a mi Hijo)

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Enrollment Center

2819 S. New Haven Ave.
Tulsa, OK 74114
Entrance: North doors

Days: Mon. - Fri.
Hours: 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.
(arrive by 3 p.m. for NEW enrollments)
Phone: 918-746-7500
Fax: 918-746-6856





Student Enrollment Information

Enroll HereEnrollment for the 2018-2019 school year begins Feb. 5, 2018 at 8 a.m. Parents/Guardians of students who have never been enrolled in Tulsa Public Schools must enroll online (see Required Documents).

Parents/Guardians of students who have previously attended Tulsa Public Schools must re-enroll at the Enrollment Center. Proof of residency is required. Please call 918-746-7500 if guardianship or residency documentation exceptions may apply to your current situation.

We will provide computers and staff assistance at the Enrollment Center. Arrive by 3 p.m. to process new enrollments.

Students entering K-12 must have an approved district transfer to enroll at a school other than their neighborhood school.

See Online Enrollment Instructions (Spanish)

  • FAQs - General enrollment

    When can I enroll my child for the current or next school year?
    Open Enrollment for all grades begins on the first Monday in February each year. Online enrollment can be completed from any internet connected device. Computers with online access are available for use at the Enrollment Center during normal business hours.
    What documentation do I need to enroll a student?
    see Required Docs.
    Who can enroll a student?
    What if I am a guardian of a student but not the parent?
    You will need the required documentation for enrollment plus documentation that you have legal guardianship.
    What if I do not have legal guardianship?
    The student may qualify as an unaccompanied youth, contact the Homeless Coordinator at 918‑746‑6477, or visit the Enrollment Center.
    You may qualify for an Affidavit of Guardianship, the legal parent/guardian must not live within a 90 mile radius of Tulsa or could be incarcerated.
    What if the Department of Human Services (DHS) or another agency has placed the child in my care?
    You will need the required documentation for enrollment plus the safety plan or placement paperwork issued to you by the agency.
    What school am I required to attend?
    How do I know which school I attend?
    Lookup your neighborhood school based on your home address or view school boundaries.
    Why is my student enrolled in a different school this year?
    If a student moved during the last school, they are enrolled in the new neighborhood school based on your address. If you have any questions about residency or school of enrollment, please call or visit the Enrollment Center. If you believe the school of enrollment is incorrect, please submit your proof of residency to the Enrollment Center so the enrollment can be updated.
    How do I transfer to a school outside my assigned school area?
    In district transfers are available during specific transfer window dates throughout the school year. Transfer information and schedules are available at Transfers
    What if I am homeless?
    Contact the Homeless Coordinator at 918‑746‑6477, or visit the Enrollment Center.
    What if my student is provided educational services via a 504 plan, child study plan, or an Individualized Education Plan (IEP)?

    All students will be enrolled at their neighborhood school, school staff will be able to answer any specific questions pertaining to students with educational plans or inquiries about special programs.

    The exceptional student support office can be contacted at 918­746­6390.

    How can I receive information about promotion, homeschooling, state testing, reading sufficiency testing, or proficiency based exams?
    Was my student promoted?
    Student promotion or retention information can be obtained by contacting the last school of enrollment. The Enrollment Center staff cannot provide confidential information about a student over the phone. The Enrollment Center staff can provide the current grade level of enrollment but cannot answer any questions about the reason for the retention or promotion. Parents/legal guardians/caregivers must contact the school for detailed information.
    How do I know if my student passed the 3rd grade reading tests?
    You will need to contact the school or the Tulsa Public Schools Assessment Office at 918­746­6255 for assessment information for specific information regarding your students Reading Sufficiency Act (RSA) records. General information or district assessment dates and times can be provided by the Office of Assessment; please call 918­746­6255.
    My student is entering Tulsa Public Schools from homeschooling or a non-accredited educational institution, in what grade level will he/she be enrolled?
    Students are initially enrolled in the most appropriate grade level based on student records, age, and other documentation available. Students may be enrolled in a lower grade level until grade level mastery of standards can be verified. The school will submit a Proficiency Based Testing request form to the Office of Assessment. A score of 70% or higher on each core subject test is considered mastery. The assessment results are forwarded to the school site; the site team reviews the results plus any other information needed to make a final determination of the appropriate grade level placement. Students must be enrolled in Tulsa Public Schools before proficiency based exams can be scheduled.
    How do I get the reading test verification form letter for my student's driver permit/license?
    They can be obtained at the Tulsa Public Schools Enrollment Center.
  • FAQs - Online enrollment

    Can I enroll online?
    Yes, the online enrollment process allows for a complete enrollment transaction for students new to the district without the need to visit the Tulsa Public Schools Enrollment Center. All documents must be uploaded to the enrollment form, documents can be scanned or electronic devices with internet and camera functions can be used to upload the documents. Enroll Online Here!
    Questions about logging on or uploading documents:
    How do I log on?
    • Enroll HereOn our website, select Parents tab-Enroll or Transfer My Child, then click the Enroll Here button.
    • Follow the online instructions, the help guide is posted on the website – You will need a valid email account before they can create an online enrollment account
    I have forgotten my password to the online enrollment, what do I do?
    The system provides a password reset that will email you a link to reset the password.
    What if I have been locked out of my account for one hour?
    We can change the email/password for the account but you will still be locked out for the full hour.
    What if I can't remember my email address?
    If you can't remember your email address to get the password, please call the Tulsa Public Schools Enrollment Center at 918‑746‑7500.
    Do I have to upload the documents myself?
    No, you can complete the enrollment from home and then bring the required documents to the Enrollment Center and we will upload the documents for you.
    Questions about notifications:
    How will I be notified that my enrollment (KG to 12) has been approved?
    If all required documentation has been submitted enrollment approval notifications will be sent within three business days. You can log into your account to check your dashboard at any time. You will be able to view all messages that have been sent to your email regarding the enrollment.
    What if I move after my enrollment has been submitted?
    If you move, you will need to submit a new proof of address to the enrollment center in person or by emailing Be sure to include your student's name and date of birth on the proof of address if submitting electronically.
    I have not received any correspondence, what if I typed the wrong email address?
    Try logging into your account. If you are successful the email address is correct. You should check your email account to see if the emails are going to spam. If you are unable to log in; your email address is most likely incorrect. Please call the Enrollment Center at 918­746­7500 for assistance.
    Is there anything I need to do after my enrollment has been approved?
    No, the email approval will list the approved school and start date for your child. You can call the school to see if they are having any events before school starts that you would like to attend.
    My enrollment was denied. What do I need to do to reactivate my enrollment?
    If your enrollment was denied due to lack of documents you will need to upload the missing documents to the enrollment and call 918­746­7500 to have your enrollment reactivated. Some enrollments are denied if your child has attended TPS in the past. If this is the case you will receive an email with further instructions on the enrollment.
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